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The Summer of Shortcut to Work: come and meet us!

During the months of July and August there are no open workshops. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything to experience.

We organize a number of activities for our current and future spoorzoekers.

If you are interested in one of these activities, let us know and get to know Spoorzoeker. Bring a friend too!

10/08/2022 (9am-5.30pm)

Workshop woodworking led by HoutHart in the Droomgaard.

Appointment at 9 am by bike at STW in Borgerhout.

10/08/2022 (7pm-midnight)

Lokerse Feesten

Appointment at 7 pm at STW in Borgerhout. We provide transportation.

22/08/2022 (7pm-9:30pm)

Ambassador evening in the Werkhuys (Zegelstraat 13, 2140 Borgerhout)

Ambassadors help us find young people. They are professionally supervised and compensated for their work. information evening with snack and drink.


Raft trip (9am-5pm)

We build a raft ourselves and go sailing with it. Appointment at STW. We provide transport to Herentals.


Sky Trail (9am-5pm)

We are moving to Grobbendonk to push our boundaries. Appointment at STW. We provide transportation.

At the beginning of September we will start again as before, with open worskhops on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The program includes: bicycle repair workshops (with official certificate!), welding and woodworking workshops, Sport with Sporting A, company visits, cooking & food, safety training, team building trips, getting to know companies, coaching, ... As a participant you have are in charge and create your own programme. It's your trajectory.

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