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What is the main focus of Spoorzoeker?

The Spoorzoeker-youngsters represent an enormous, untapped growth potential. They start on a 16-week process in which they are intensively supervised and given the opportunity to gain work experience. Through various activities, STW boosts their self-confidence and they work on self-knowledge. The focus is on soft skills. Which competencies do we mean by this?

Based on the many years of experience of Steunpunt Tewerkstelling (founded in 1987!), we determined the minimum conditions that a good applicant must meet. we supplemented these basic competencies with some 21-first century skills and came up with the following list:

  • motivation

  • communication

  • self-insight

  • to learn

  • to collaborate

  • plan and set goals

  • flexibility

  • work safely

  • count (basic)

  • digital skill

+ competences provided by the companies that have been involved in the process from the start.

We translate these competencies into indicators that are reflected in our activities.

We follow various tracks in this: "technical" methodologies in our workspace, a coaching approach in individual guidance, the social-sporting methodology of Sporting A and the 'cultural' approach that we will talk about with the public mediation of the MHKA (and which can also come). In this way we approach these competencies from different perspectives.

In the first place we will screen and practice competences during the group process, participants will also be able to demonstrate their competences, for example on our network day for companies, where Spoorzoekers together with representatives of the companies participate in specific workshops.

We then gradually move on to a tailor-made individual approach, which is reflected in a personal and detailed training plan for the internship and the start of employment.

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